NERVA HP 2017 Selection

NERVA 2017 HP Team Selections

NOTE: This list will change based upon player commitment/acceptance to be on the teams. Players not on these lists may be called back due to openings. 

Players on these lists have confirmed to accept the position. The list will change as additional spots are filled. THANK YOU and congratulations to all.

Men’s Junior Level Team 2017:
Andrew Duquette,  Western Mass
Dillon Hourican, Beantown
Dondre Crump, Pioneer Valley
Erich Roman, Mizuno East
Mark Khrapko, Beantown
Kevin Devine, Vibe
Noah Kappel, Pioneer Valley
Stedman Van Arsdale, Mizuno East
Danny Ho, SMASH
Cobi Moore, SMASH

Girl’s Youth Level Team 2017:
Emma Smallcomb, SMASH
Ashley Wang, SMASH
Ella Kim, SMASH
Miska Legatova, SMASH
Gabby Goddard, SMASH
Mary Zlotosch, Seacoash
Mia Harmon, Capital Region
Claire Bialek, SMASH
Amanda Gilbert, SMASH
Kacey Deecher. Western MA

Women’s Junior Level Team 2017:
Mary Pease, Husky
Jacquelin Kluge, Husky
Casey Dinga, Lat 42
Rachel Melampy, Southern Alliance
Jess Jubb, SMASH
Cara McKenzie, Pioneer Valley
Haley O’Brien, SMASH
Sydney Racevicius, Huksy
Kayleigh MacDougall, Great Bay
Molly Clarke, Husky