2019-2020 Season Important Information

2019-2020 Season Updates

There are several changes mandated by Congress to the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and forced down to all the National Governing Bodies (NGB). Below is an update and a few reminders of changes for this upcoming season.

Background Checks: information from USA Volleyball
With the new season almost upon us, we have been working feverishly with the USOPC regarding the new background screen requirements to be adopted at the USOPC Assembly on September 12th. As you know, this would have been very difficult for us to implement as our season begins September 1st and prior to the formal adoption of new requirements. After weeks of negotiations, we are pleased to report that we have been able to secure a “grandfather exemption” for those participants who take a background screen under the “old” system.”

So, what does this mean for you? On September 1st, it will be business as usual. All background screens will remain under the same requirements and under the same pricing structure, which is currently $18.50/screen for the 2019/2020 season. Any screens will be good for two years (expiring 8/31/2021) with no annual rescreen requirement and no additional costs.

Going forward, we are anticipating that the USOPC will pass the new background screen requirements on September 12th. We have been advised that all NGB’s will need to comply with the new requirements (annual rescreen, federal search, increased price, etc.) no later than 12/31/19. This would mean that any screens performed between the start of the season and 12/31/19 would be grandfathered under the old requirements. Any screens performed after 12/31/19 will be subject to annual rescreens and an increased price of $30/initial screen.

NERVA will continue to pay $10.50 of the current screening cost until 12/31/2019 and will then pay $15 of the new expected cost of $30 beginning 1/1/2020.

SafeSport:information from USA Volleyball
Below is specific information as it relates to the Core Center for SafeSport training requirements as well as the Center for SafeSport Refresher 1 training. The SafeSport training requirement is now an annual training. Core being the first then the refresher to follow.

Starting September 1, 2019, the below courses will be available in the USAV Clinics to register for the upcoming season. The 2018/2019 Core Center for SafeSport training registration will close 8/31/2019.
• 2019-2020 Core Center for SafeSport Training
• 2019-2020 Center for SafeSport Refresher 1 Training

Who is required to take the Core Center for SafeSport Training?
• Any new member who falls into the category of the required training
• Any member who took the USOC previous version of the SafeSport training on the Team USA Prep site
• Any junior member turning 18 during the season. Parents can fill out the consent for their 17-year-old to take the Core training prior to the athlete turning 18 if they choose by following this link Parental Consent. If the parent chooses to have their child take the training when they turn 18, the athlete will need to register themselves and complete the training as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in play.

Who is required to take the Refresher 1 course
• Any member who has taken the Core Center for SafeSport training with an expiration of 10/31/2019. You must have completed the Core Training to be eligible for the refresher 1 training.

Additionally, USAV is incorporating that refresher into the training for the 2019/2020 season and beyond. In transition, those having a 2019 expiration date are required to take the Refresher 1 and those with a 2020 expiration date are not required to take the refresher until Core expires. In short, the annual “Refresher” training becomes required upon the expiration of your current Core SafeSport training.

Tryout Membership: The USAV Board of Directors has passed a tryout membership (June 2019) and NERVA will include the membership and upgrade as an option for the upcoming season. Here are the specifics:

NERVA Junior Tryout Membership: Cost $15.00 and valid 9/1/2019 until 1/31/2020. THIS MEMBERSHIP CANNOT BE ROSTERED UNLESS UPGRADED TO A FULL MEMBERSHIP

NERVA – Juniors Upgrade from Tryout Membership: Cost $50.00 and valid full season. This membership will allow a tryout membership to become a FULL Membership and thus allow member to be placed on a roster.

NERVA Junior Girls/Boys Membership: Cost $60 and is the traditional FULL membership as we have always used. Can be rostered.

Member management system: USAV and NERVA will remain on Webpoint for the upcoming season. This due to the inability of SportsEngine to complete a fully operational and tested system by the August deadline.