2019 Winterfest I

This page contains relevant referee information for 2019 Winterfest I.

Please direct questions to Steve Webster, steve@srwebster.com (but please read below before writing).

Updated January 8, 2019

There will be a pre-tournament meeting at 715a on Saturday morning. See you there.

We will be using Sportwrench to distribute the schedule to individual referees. We will be publishing Saturday’s schedule later in the week. Probably Friday.  Please do not write to ask about the schedule. When it is available, it will be posted. Until it is posted, it is not ready. Watch this page for more information.

You will be able to obtain your schedule via your phone or other mobile device. In addition, there will be hard copies at championship and

In addition to the online schedule, we will have a hard copy at championship. But, the primary distribution for most of our personnel will be done electronically. This will ensure you have the latest schedule, we will have accurate payroll, etc.

Pre-tournament advisory. Read and print (you can decide the order) and bring to tournament; there will not be copies at the event. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgdc5f1qardyxet/Winterfest%20I%202019%20Referee%20Notes.pdf?dl=0

Hotel information (updated 10p 1/8/19) — https://www.dropbox.com/s/1m5gi6ikbdf0zvi/Winterfest%20I%202019%20Referee%20Housing.pdf?dl=0

On that subject, we have some good news about parking for the paid tournament referees. Parking at the convention center is $7/day. When you check out and receive your pay for the weekend, we will add $7/day to cover your parking. Note, that this is an event-specific benefit and you should not think of it as setting a president for future events. .


Updated December 24, 2018

Referees for this event have been accepted or waitlisted. Thank you for your interest. I would have loved to accept more people.

IMPORTANT: Please note at the end of this page about getting W9s to the NERVA bookkeeper.

Look for schedule and housing information during the first week of January.

Watch this space for information about the pre-tournament meeting Saturday morning (there will be no meeting on Friday night), the pre-tournament instructions, and lodging information. If it isn’t posted here, it isn’t yet available. 

General tournament info starts at http://jvctournaments.com/FTTFNewEnglandWinterfest. Information about shuttles, directions,

We will be paying referees on site for this event (and Winterfest II and Boston). You’ll leave the convention center with a check!

That’s one of the things NERVA is doing on our part for you (more up our sleeves). But, fair is fair. There are some operational items we are asking you to do in the name of efficiency… You may have done one or more of these, but it is important that you ensure you have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s.  Please remember that we really rely on the information that’s in Sportwrench. That’s our primary communication and information tool.

  • Update your information in Sportwrench. They have modified their software, so you’ll need your current USAV number to update your profile (pull that number from the membership database at https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/). Armed with this, we can see if your background check and SafeSport are up to date (they must be).
  • To referee at this event, you need to have current membership, SS and background check in place. Again, please be sure those are all done (the background check takes some time to do, so don’t cut things too close).
  • If you have not, please be sure your housing request information is up to date – dates, roommate, etc. (While you’re at it, you might as well do the same for any other tournament you’re registered for).
  • Same for availability and conflicts.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Updated July 8, 2018

Dates: January 12 & 13, 2019
Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103

26 Courts (will need ~42 referees)
     Girl’s: 18 Club, 16 Club, 15’s, 14’s, 12’s
     Boy’s: 18’s, 17’s, 16’s, 15’s

Play begins Saturday, January 12 @ 8a
There will be a pre-tournament meeting on Saturday morning prior to play.

Referee registration (when the tournament opens) will be at SportWrench.com.

Please be sure to complete information about travel plans and housing needs (we can’t help you unless you tell us your plans).

All referees need to be in good standing in your region, have the recommendation of your regional chair. Current SafeSport and USAV background check are both required.


Girls and Boys matches (2 out of 3):
     Provisional: $27/match
     Regional: $31/match
     Jr National/National: $35/match

There is no travel reimbursement available for this event.

Housing: Provided, double occupancy. Tournament will house referees on Friday night and Saturday nights.



Referees will be housed in several hotels in the area. We wish we could house everyone immediately next to the event. That, alas, will not be possible.

Parking at the event is NOT reimbursed. There are shuttles from hotels to playing facilities.

General tournament information (http://jvctournaments.com/MizunoNewEnglandWinterfest)


To be paid, you must have a current W9 on file with the New England Region (if you have done so already, great). Address this in advance. An online version of the form can be found at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf.

Complete and return to (do NOT send this to Steve):

Lorene Beach
206 Forest St
N. Andover, MA 01845