2021 Boston Volleyball Festival Date/Site Changes!

 2021 Boston Volleyball Festival Date/Site Changes!
*Updated October 17, 2020The 2020 Boston Volleyball Festival was one of the last convention center volleyball tournaments to take place before COVID-19 changed so many things in our world. Although progress has been made in many medical areas, guidelines and restrictions continue to vary from state to state, city to city or even facility to facility. 

Even with all of our planned safety precautions, after several months of weekly conversations with the BCEC staff, we do not believe state and local authorities will approve NERVA/JVC to run the 2021 Boston Volleyball Festival on our originally scheduled late Feb and early March dates. Although things could change in the next few months which could potentially allow us to run the tournament, we feel the best path forward is to move the Girls 18’s Bid Divisions to another city on the same dates and to delay the Boys, Adults, and Girl’s 12-17’s Divisions and 18 Club Division until May. 

We are working on an alternate site for the Girls 18’s Bid Divisions on the same Feb 26-28th dates on which they are currently scheduled for in the Northeast or, at the very least, somewhere in the Eastern US. 

Additionally, in order to avoid the MA and NY Girls High School seasons, the Girls 12-17’s, 18 Club, Boys 15-18’s, and Adult divisions will move to a weekend in mid to late May TBA. The event will remain a 3-day event running Friday through Sunday for all junior divisions with the adults running Saturday and Sunday.

As soon as we have changes confirmed we will post the updated information on the event web site, SportWrench Website, email all NERVA clubs and email last year’s Boston attending teams. We expect to have everything squared away later this week in order to open registration on October 28th. We will still offer the NERVA Prime hotel pre-booking option and anticipate that application available in early November.  

We realize what a great inconvenience this presents to so many of you who have attended the event for many years but our belief is this move will give us the greatest chance of having the event take place. The good news is the weather is much nicer in Boston during the month of May! The warmer temperatures will allow for many additional entertainment options for our teams/families when they are not playing. In addition by keeping the 18’s on the original dates at a different location we will be able to accept more teams in the other divisions.