2022 NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival #1

February 25-27, 2022

This page contains relevant referee information for 2022 NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival #1. We work very hard to include all important information here as it becomes available.

Here’s how you can do your part… If you are officiating at this tournament, read this carefully. If there is something you think is missing, read it again. Be certain you’ve looked at all the applicable links and downloads. If after you’ve done that, something is missing, by all means, drop a line. We’re FAR from perfect and we want to be sure everyone has a hotel room for the weekend and knows where to go and when to be there. But the first thing we do when we get a question is to wonder if we messed (usually at a time when time is of the essence).

Thanks very much….

Please direct questions to Steve Webster, steve@srwebster.com (but please read below before writing).

  • Dates: February 25-27, 2022
  • Location:
    • The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
      Halls A, B, and C
      415 Summer Street
      Boston, MA 02210
  • Courts: 90
  • Referees Needed: ~140 referees
  • Levels: Girl’s 12-15s Open/USA/Club, 16 Club, Boys 14-16s, and adult men’s, women’s, and reverse coed
  • General tournament information: https://jvctournaments.com/BostonVolleyballFestival


  • SportWrench.com
  • Please be sure to complete information about travel plans and housing needs (we can’t help you unless you tell us your plans).
  • Current SafeSport and USAV background checks are both required
  • Preference will be given to referees available throughout the tournament.


  • Basic 2/3 matches (other formats will vary slightly):
    • Provisional: $30/match
    • Regional: $34/match
    • Jr National/National: $38/match


  • Convention center food vouchers are provided for lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday.


  • Provided, double occupancy. The tournament will house referees on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Some rooms are available for Sunday night.
  • Referees will be housed in hotels in the area. We wish we could house everyone immediately next to the event. That, alas, will not be possible.
  • Parking at the event is NOT reimbursed.


The tournament will provide travel assistance to nationally rated and regional referees from outside of New England. To be eligible, referees must be available for a full officiating schedule from the beginning of the tournament through the end of the tournament (~5p Sunday).

  • Up to $200 for USAV Junior National and National officials FLYING from outside of the New England Region and up to $150 for USAV Regional Officials (with regional chair recommendation) with submission of airline or train receipt. 
  • Up to $150 for Junior National and National officials DRIVING from outside of the New England Region and up to $100 for Regional Officials (with regional chair recommendation) driving from outside of the New England Region. Total will be determined in advance on a case-by-case basis. Assistance will be provided to only the driver for those carpooling. 



  • Payments will be made electronically following the event via ArbiterPay.
  • To be paid, you MUST register with an ArbiterPay ID — No exceptions.