Tim Velozo(Official’s Coordinator) serves as the ZebraWeb administrator for the New England Region.  You may contact Tim at


Below is information you need to know to navigate the officials assigning systems. This is your responsibility to learn and understand – it is not complicated and we are consistent in the way we handle it. Part of maintaining your professionalism as an official is making the effort and taking the time to learn the assigning systems that affect your assignments.

  • All assignments to New England Region-sanctioned events (except for Convention Center Events) are made and confirmed ONLY through ZebraWeb.
  • In order to be assigned, officials must enter their availability into ZebraWeb a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance of tournaments. You are responsible to keep it updated at all times. You will start out the season BLOCKED. You must UNBLOCK the days you want to work.
  • If you SEE a tournament listed in ZebraWeb, and you want to be considered to work it, make sure you are AVAILABLE in ZebraWeb.
  • If you are asked to work a tournament and you DO NOT SEE that tournament listed in ZebraWeb, REMOVE your availability from ZebraWeb as soon as you accept that assignment.
  • All ZebraWeb assignments MUST be confirmed or turned back in ZebraWeb within 48 hours of assignment. A brief explanation must accompany all turnbacks. It is not possible for you to be assigned unless you are available for that date.