Adult Memberships

Welcome to NERVA!

To register for an adult membership, you will need a SportsEngine account established in your name before purchasing a membership. DO NOT PURCHASE A JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP AS AN ADULT. If you are a new or returning official, please click here to be directed over to the NERVA Officials page for more information about membership, training, recertification, etc.

Reminders for Clubs & Coaches

Club Assignments:

When a membership is purchased, there is no option to pick a club before, during, or after the purchase process. Clubs must send coaches, club directors, admins, chaperones, etc. a club assignment request FIRST (via email or on the MySE homepage) and they must accept it before they can officially be associated with a club on SportsEngine and be placed on a roster.

If a club sends an assignment request to someone without a current membership, they will be directed to purchase a membership before the association can be completed.

Club HQs:

All clubs get access to the free HQ version of SportsEngine to manage their clubs and rosters! Please note that all club directors and admins must complete all eligibility requirements of their memberships to continue to have access to the Club HQ.

If you are a NEW CLUB, please email to create and setup your new Club HQ. For tips on getting started with membership, club assignments, eligibility requirements, rostering, and more… please check out the new SportsEngine Playbook Video Channel OR the new 2023 Club Administrator SportsEngine Playbook!

CLUB DIRECTORS/ADMINS: Need additional assistance navigating SportsEngine? Check out the USAV Club Resources page here!