Becoming a USA Volleyball Referee

To become a USA Volleyball certified referee, there are four core components that have to occur every year – membership, clinic, exam, and practical.

  1. Become a member of the New England Region of USA Volleyball. NOTE: To referee USAV events, you will also need to have pass a USAV background check and complete the SafeSport Training as mandated by the USOC
    1. New members should join at
    2. Existing or former members renew at
  2. Once you are a member, log into the USAV membership database.
  3. Register for the free NERVA New Referee Clinic — NE20_201 NERVA New Referee Training (in the left menu, go to USA Volleyball Events/Region Clinics/Region Ref Score Clinics)
  4. Complete the program by viewing all of the course materials.
    1. A 50-question referee exam is part of the course materials. You may take it open book if you like. Passing is an 84%. Please review the rule references for the questions you missed. Take the exam until you have achieved a passing score.
  5. Once you have completed the coursework and you are comfortable as a first and second referee, contact Eric Ngai ( to arrange to be evaluated at a tournament.

Those are the To Dos.

What we can’t do online is help you practice and get skilled at blowing a whistle, knowing the sport, and actually DOING the job. There is no substitute for time on task. This is something you need to do in venues that are convenient to you and your life. If you need some help finding locales, please drop a line.

But, the old adage certainly applies, “How do you get to Lincoln Center? Practice, practice, practice.”
Please send any questions to Steven Webster, NERVA Officials chair,
Referee FAQs
How do I get assigned?
After you get certified, you will be set up in NERVA’s online assigning system.
How frequently do I have to referee?
Entry level referees must work one tournament a season (for which you will be paid). Beyond that, it will depend on your interest, availability, and skills. Some referees work one day a month. Others do so far more often.
How much do I get paid?
As a player referee, $22/match. As a non-player, $180/day plus a some money for travel, and $12.50/half hour beyond 9 hours.
Once I get a USAV certification, will I be able to work high school or college volleyball?
No, those settings use different rule sets. High school play uses NFHS rules ( and college ball requires PAVO ( certification…
For more information, contact Steve Webster, NERVA Officials Chair,