Club Directors ONLY – Forms and Information


2021-2022 Yearly Club Registration Form:
This form is required each season and to be filled out by the Club Director. All new clubs must have their name approved by NERVA Jr Commissioner BEFORE filling out this form -> CLICK HERE!

2021-2022 Member Management System Information:
USAV Member Management System – SportsEngine Club Resources -> CLICK HERE!


2021-2022 Season – Event / Tournament / Scrimmage Request SANCTION FORM:
Club Directors request form for event/tournament/scrimmage sanctioning -> CLICK HERE!

Shared Best Practices for Clubs:
Clubs Best Practice sharing area -> CLICK HERE!

2021-2022 Practice Sanction Form:
Fill out this form to Sanction any practice in the 2020/2021Season -> CLICK HERE!

2022 NERVA Series Reciprocal Site List:
Club Directors reporting form for listing their tournament sites and dates -> CLICK HERE!

2022 USAV National Bid Request worksheet> CLICK HERE
Worksheet for teams requesting the NERVA Regional bids for Junior Nationals




Boy’s NERVA Series Tournaments:
Club Directors reporting form for boys event/tournament sanctioning -> CLICK HERE!

2021-2022 Certificate of Insurance Request:
This form is to be filled out by the Club Director. There are 2 types of forms:

  1. Evidence of Coverage – This is your standard evidence of coverage issued to a club or any third party. It is only proof of insurance.
  2. Additional Insured – This certificate template is proof of insurance for the region and/or a club AND also provides additional insured status for third party entities, such as venue owners.

Certificate of Insurance Request PDF form is available by CLICKING HERE!
NEW – Google Doc Certificate of Insurance Request Form is available by CLICKING HERE

2021-2022 Incident Report Form:
This form is to be filled out by the Club Director, Tournament Director, or Trainer. 
The form is available by CLICKING HERE!