Coaching Juniors in New England

To coach in the NERVA Region you should locate a club in your area. All clubs can be found HERE

Requirements to be a Coach / Asst. Coach in our Region:

  1. Must be a current member in good standing
  2. Must have a current Background Check through the SportsEngine system
  3. Must complete the USA Volleyball IMPACT course (online)
  4. Must complete the USA Volleyball SafeSport Course ( Core or Yearly Refresher Course)

Official NERVA rule for certifications:
All Team Bench Personnel – Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Club Directors
MUST HAVE: a Current Membership, a current Background Check, IMPACT certification and a SafeSport training.

Tournament Directors*, Chaperones, Team Rep / Managers
MUST HAVE: a Current Membership, a current Background Check, SafeSport training. Tournament Directors must complete the NERVA Tournament Director Training.
*it is highly recommended that TD’s are IMPACT certified

Junior Coaches in New England: 
Junior Coaches are allowed in NERVA and must abide by all coaching requirements. A Background Screening is only required upon reaching the age of 18 and 30 days of the junior coaches DOB. There MUST BE an Adult Coach (over the age of 18)on the roster and present at all tournaments and practices. (Operating Code Section 2.03.1)