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How Can You Help?

  1. Donate to the DIG Scholarship ProgramHelp us raise $40,000 to support 20 players in the 2021-22 season. See below for details on this scholarship program and how to donate!

  2. Join our email list.

  3. Share this post by email or on social media to help spread the word.

  4. Volunteer to be a DIG mentor. Email DIG@nevolleyball.org for details.

  5. Reach out to your local ties. We want DIG to help communities who are “unseen, underrepresented, or marginalized,” and therefore less likely to be connected to NERVA’s current infrastructure.

DIG Scholarship Program:
DIG’s first initiative was to create scholarships for Black and Latinx youth players in NERVA. This scholarship program promotes volleyball for players of lower socio-economic backgrounds as NERVA seeks to actively include, fund, and support volleyball in disenfranchised communities. To that end, this scholarship aims to financially, academically, and emotionally support players who might otherwise not be able to play.

Scholarship recipients will have access to a wide array of services to help them achieve their college and career goals:

  • Receive up to $2,000 to cover NERVA club volleyball fees

  • Continue to learn the sport and grow a community with their club team

  • Be paired with an adult volleyball player as a mentor

  • Receive tutoring from current college players

  • Have free access to quality mental health services

  • And more! DIG will continue to grow its monthly programming, such as nutrition, fitness, and personal finance seminars.

Thank you!

You bring joy, friendship, coaching, energy, love, care, and support to your team in all forms. The DIG Group would not be possible without you and I know that – as a community – we will grow this program into something wonderful.
Charlotte Parish & John Gigliotti
DIG Co-chairs
Email: DIG@nevolleyball.org  

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