Press Release – June 17, 2020
On June 7, 2020, New England Region Volleyball Association’s (NERVA) Commissioner, Dave Peixoto, and Junior’s Commissioner, Roxann Link announced a new partnership with EVO 3 Sports. This announcement at the Junior’s Assembly Meeting introduced Mark Thomas II and Michael Houlihan, Co-Founders of EVO 3 Sports, to the Junior Club Directors and Coaches in attendance.
“We are excited to have a New England based volleyball coaches education platform directed by our own New England coaches available for the upcoming season. We are  confident that EVO 3 Sports will allow NERVA clubs to continue to grow in levels thru coaches education’” said Commissioner Dave Peixoto
Mark and Mike have worked closely with both Dave and Roxann over the past few years in NERVA’s High Performance Program. Mark has been coaching for five seasons, while Michael has been working with NERVA High Performance for four.
“Working closer with NERVA has been extremely rewarding for us. Our goal has always been to help continue the growth of volleyball in this region,” Mark and Michael said. “We have worked with many other groups and individuals in the past, but now found this niche that we feel very passionate about and excited to pursue with our NERVA Partnership.”
EVO 3 Sports will be “an innovative and collaborative platform” when they officially open in January 2021, but says they are willing to start working with anybody who is ready. They have a link on their new website for anyone who, “Wants to get a head start” to allow people to contact them prior to their opening.
EVO 3 Sports will run differently than other coaching education companies. Although they do have aspirations to reach the masses, they will not tackling this in large groups. “The idea behind our company was to design a new platform that allows us to reach the masses in new ways. Most of our products are maxed out at 16 participants. This will allow us to connect and develop for that particular group and address their particular needs,” says EVO 3 Sports Co- Founders. “We want to reach the masses, but it will take some time since we want to make sure each coach we meet with can use our information for their specific team situation.”
Starting in January 2021, Mark and Michael will start to offer other products as well: mini coaching clinics, general consulting, handbook and cues consulting, and much more. With NERVA’s Sponsorship, NERVA purchased 14 of EVO 3 Sports’ E3 Tables, allowing it to be free for all NERVA Members. These collaborative tables help provide conversations surrounding different topics. They are not about Mark and Michael doing all the talking; they will spark conversations and provide listening opportunities to hear everyone on the call.
“Everyone has great ideas and concepts,” say Mark and Mike, “they might just need another idea, thought or concept, to make it better. To Evolve it. We believe coaches need to continuously Evaluate, Educate, and Elevate (E3) their systems, cues, and concepts. By collaborating, you can do this more efficiently.”
Recently, Mark Thomas joined the American International College Coaching Staff. Wanting to come back home to New England, Mark most recently served as an assistant women’s volleyball coach at George Mason University since August 2017. Prior to that, Mark was the head women’s volleyball coach at New England College. During his time at New England College, Thomas launched the school’s volleyball program and created a strategic vision for the program with regards to recruiting, culture and marketing/promotion.
Michael Houlihan is heading into his seventh season as the head coach and 11th with the UMass Boston volleyball program. Houlihan was promoted to the role of co-head coach in August of 2013 after serving as the associate head coach in 2012 and the assistant coach from 2009-2011. In the fall of 2016, Houlihan was officially given the reigns as the Beacons solo head coach.
Mark and Michael have been working together since 2012 on different projects and consulting opportunities but are excited to get started on their first company EVO 3 Sports. Their individual work as well as their experience with High Performance led to this opportunity to partnership with NERVA.
For access to EVO 3 Sports Sponsored events and to work with EVO 3 Sports directly, please go to their website, Also, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@EVO3Sports) to stay up to date with EVO 3 Sports as they continue to develop and release information on their company for their 2021 New Year Day Opening.