How to Start a Juniors Club in NERVA

Starting a New Club in the New England Region of USA Volleyball

In order to participate in NERVA/USAV events NEW clubs must be registered by Oct 1

This document provides information on starting a new club in the New England (NERVA) Region of USAV. There are several things you should know about being a Club Director with the New England Region of USA Volleyball before you get started. Anyone may start a club. It is not difficult but will require a bit of organizational and administrative skill.

Once a decision is made to start a NERVA/USAV club:

  • Club Name: This MUST be approved by NERVA Jr. Commissioner, Roxann Link (examples -club names containing New England, High Performance, NERVA, names similar to an existing club or prior used club names will not be allowed)
  • Club Director must have a current USAV membership with a current Background check and SafeSport Training.
  • Once your club name is approved you will need to fill out the “NERVA Junior Club Registration” form. This can be found at under the Club Directors Only page
  • Read the NERVA Jr. Operating Code (found on under the Documents Section)
  • Club Director must attend the Fall NERVA Junior Assembly meeting. Info available at
  • Club Director must attend the “New Club/Best Practices” meeting (this will be schedule as part of the Fall NERVA Junior Assembly). 

The primary components of a club are: 

Players: Most teams have approximately ten players, which allows for unexpected events and provides rotational balance. Eight is the minimum recommended number of players for any team.

Coaches: A coach must be 18 or older, graduated from or out of High School, a registered current member of NERVA/USAV, with a current USAV background check, current SafeSport certification and IMPACT certified.

Club Director: The person who will run the club and be responsible for all the administrative duties of registering the club members with the NERVA region. The Director will also represent the club at NERVA Junior Assemblies in June and Oct. They must also have all of the requirements listed to be a club coach.

Practice and Tournament Facilities: Clubs are responsible for all costs of facilities. Any clubs that would like to play in the NERVA Girl’s Series must meet all of the requirements listed in the NERVA Juniors Operating Code Book (can be found at Courts used for the reciprocal NERVA Girl’s Series will be viewed/inspected by a member of the NERVA Jr. Executive board or competition committee to make sure it meets the standards for club or open tournaments.