Below you will find information on the  Junior Officiating Team training and tools required for junior athletes and clubs in the New England Region.

A Junior Officiating Team (or Work Team) consists of the members of a junior’s team who are part of the tournament officiating crew during a team’s assigned work matches. New England policy requires that every Junior Officiating Team be trained before they participate in a match as part of the officiating crew.

The 23-24 training courses will be automatically loaded into each Junior player’s account in October.

Tim Velozo, Official’s Chair
E: officials@nevolleyball.oeg


​Each person participating on the Officiating Team must have taken the course for the duty they perform. It is recommended that all Junior players take at least two of the four courses so that there is adequate coverage for all positions at tournaments. The club may establish a policy to require all four clinics. Online training should be completed before the first tournament. Training will be required for each person participating as part of the officiating team.

Training options include:

  • Junior Line Judge Training
  • Junior Libero Tracker Training
  • Junior Scorer Training
  • Junior Second Referee Training
  • Junior First Referee Training

Coaches or member adults who could serve as part of the officiating team at a USAV-sanctioned Junior Tournament will take a slightly different course, which has the same basic content as the Junior players. The course is:

  • Tournament Officiating Team for Coaches

Requirements for certification have not changed. Junior Team Officials are the members of a Juniors team who will be part of the tournament officiating crew during a team’s assigned work matches at a tournament. New England Region policy requires that these Junior Team Officials be trained before they participate in a match as part of the officiating crew. Here are the training requirements for the season. The work team consists of a minimum of six people. They are:

  • Second referee
  • Scorer
  • Assistant Scorer (Libero tracker)
  • Flipper (Visual scoreboard operator)
  • Lines Judges (2)

Each person who will function during the season as a second referee, scorer, assistant scorer, or line judge must have completed the online training for each function that they will be performing during the season.

For instructions on how to access online courses, click here.


  • Do you look forward to your team’s work assignments at a tournament?
  • Do you consider yourself one of the best second referees or scorers around?
  • Maybe you would like to work as a paid referee when you are old enough.

If so, you may wish to become certified as a Junior Provisional Referee, 2nd Referee, or Junior Scorer.​

  • Be a current member in good standing within New England Region/USAV.
  • Complete the Junior core clinics and quizzes for junior officiating online. Clinics and quizzes must be completed before working as an official at a sanctioned tournament.
  • Scorers and second officials who have completed the online training may perform those duties at any USAV-sanctioned event that utilizes players for the officiating crew.
  • Those who wish to move on to the higher Advanced level must complete the more in-depth training online. Once play begins for the season, complete the Print the form(s) below, and ask the first official on your officiating matches to fill it out for you as you work tournaments during the season.  When the form is completed, send it as indicated on the form.  A member of the New England Region Rating Team or one of our National Scorers will be assigned to watch you work before you will be eligible to receive your certification package.


  • A patched Junior Official over the age of 16 years old would be able to complete certification as a Junior Provisional Official. as a Junior Provisional Official, you will be able to work as an R1 and receive compensation at specific Junior tournaments.