Junior Player Transfer Procedures

Junior Player Transfer Procedures

In regards to Player Club Transfer Procedures, all Club Directors, Coaches, Parents and players are to be aware of the NERVA recruiting rules and regulations. Recruiting violations will be just cause for disallowing a transfer.

Upon yearly registration players may accept a Club Assignment on SportsEngine. Once a commitment has been made to a club by the player accepting the assignment, NERVA will assume that there is an agreement between the club and the player/parent. From that point on, for a junior player to move to a different club, a formal transfer procedure will be required.

Player Transfer Procedures:
In some circumstances, it may be in everybody’s interest for a player to transfer from one club to another. To make a formal transfer, the following is required:

  1. An email release from the club director of the club the player is leaving.
  2. An email acceptance from the club director of the club the player is moving to.
  3. An email from the parents of the player, agreeing to the transfer.

Without a completed transfer, a player cannot be involved on any level with another club (competition or practice). Once all emails have been received by the NERVA Commissioner, the transfer will be considered. All emails are to be submitted to commissioner@nevolleyball.org.

Restrictions and Clarifications regarding the Transfer Process:
The NERVA Transfer Procedure DOES NOT govern a player’s and guardian’s contractual obligations to their current club. Players and guardians must be aware of all contractual obligations to their current club BEFORE pursuing a transfer request. 

IMPORTANT: A player cannot participate in any practice or tournament with a new club until the NERVA Commissioner has approved the transfer.