Membership & Registration FAQ

Welcome to the Membership & Registration FAQ Page! 

Here, you can find solutions to a number of issues that you may be facing on SportsEngine regarding your membership or account/profile, club assignment requests, club directory, and other system problems.

Parents & Athletes:

USAV and SportsEngine have put together a Parent Resource Packet that helps troubleshoot common issues on the following topics:

  • Accepting Club Assignments (ex: not receiving the assignment email)
  • Purchasing Memberships (ex: error messages not allowing you to purchase)
  • USAV Academy
  • Membership Cards (ex: how to find your membership card)

To view the Parent Resource Packet, please CLICK HERE!

Club Directors & Club Admins:

USAV and SportsEngine have put together a Club FAQ with club resources that troubleshoot common issues on the following topics:

  • Sending & Accepting Club Assignments (ex: player not receiving assignment, issues with accepting)
  • Membership Purchases (ex: error messages not allowing purchases)
  • Coach Eligibility (ex: missing certifications, background screenings)
  • Accounts & Profiles (ex: duplicate accounts, incorrect athlete information)

To view the Club FAQ, please CLICK HERE!

Other Helpful Guides:

Please use the following PDFs to help you further navigate SportsEngine and show you how to purchase memberships!

To find helpful videos and more specifically for Parents and Athletes, follow this link below:

For helpful videos and guides specifically for Club Directors and Administrators, follow this link below: