MMS – USAV Club Resources

USAV Member Management System – SportsEngine Club Resources

Club Video Mini-Series
This short video series covers an overview of the new system and highlights the largest changes club directors and club administrators should be prepared for. All videos can be watched in order by hitting the play button or you can hit the “playlist” button on the left to select a specific topic.

Click Here For The Club Mini-Series

Club Admin Manual
There are two versions of these documents- one for clubs using free SportsEngine HQ and the other for premium SportsEngine customers. This is available within a club’s HQ or the link can be shared directly with clubs. Note, there is a “last updated” date in the top right hand corner of this manual.

Click Here For The Club Administrator Guide (Freemium)
Click Here For The Club Administrator Guide (Premium)

Club Help Videos
These videos are specific to tasks and functions club admins will complete in the USAV MMS. Videos on this page can be viewed in order by hitting the “start watching” button or you can look for a video on a specific topic. These videos are also available from your Club HQ with its correlating help article.

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