NERVA HP 2020 Selection

NERVA 2020 HP Team Selections

NERVA would like to congratulate the following players for being selected to be on the 2020 New England Region HP teams.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns, we are not going to be able to participate at the USAV HP Championships this year.

These players will be attending a 3 day camp, run by the NERVA HP Coaches and Staff.

Women’s Jrs. Team
Piper Willinger
Jordan Ingoldsby
Maggie Murray
Sydney Smith
Victoria Pavlyuk
Lauren Harrell
Amelia Beigel
Ava Mattiucci
Avery Theriault
Naliah Grannell
Madeline Strouse
Bianca Fitch

Girl’s Youth Teams
Fay Pahuja
Margaret Thrall
Danielle Emerson
Jacqueline Dobransky
Zoe Parkinson
Alicia Tkach
Nicole Santos
Kimberly Gowell
Sarkissian Liana
Abigail Bassingthwait
Lauryn Friess
Ceclia Labbe
Nyssa Park
Hope Brookshouse
Zoe Leclerc
Sofia Zingariello
Nina Gavin
Kathryn Garland
Keira Sullivan
Taylar Simpson
Emma Hampton
Nicole Salantay
Fiona Rigby
Josie Gustavon

Girl’s Select
Mia Walthousen
Joyce Li
Margaret Fallon
Margaret Hurley
Lily Nguyen
Natalie Moynihan
Olivia Smith
Julia Leonardo
Nora Schulze
Penelope Fitzsimmons
Abigail Siejkowski
Katrina Possidento
Morgan Martin
Geena Vincenzo
Ali Kim

Boy’s Youth
Conner Mcinnis
Evan Pescosolido
Conner Macintosh
Jacob Reuling
Zachary Schmalz
Conner Powley
Dylan McClung
Zachary Koehr
Tyler Russell
Kaz Veitas
Brandon Wolff
Isaac Morales
Hery Chavez
Matthew Tiernan
Jaidin Russell
Drew Rancourt