WELCOME to the NERVA High Performance information page

The NERVA HP program seeks to identify, train and provide a completive opportunity to the top players in our region. The program consists of tryouts, trainings camp and participation in the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships.

What makes NERVA HP different?
This program is subsidized by the New England Region and this allows us to tailor our program to suit the player’s needs. All training that our players receive will be in the same format that the USA National Team uses for its training sessions. This style of training and the intensity of the competition is designed to bring the athletes game to the next level.

How can you become part of this program?
Attend a tryout for NERVA HP teams and be selected.

NERVA tryouts:

Dates for 2022
Boys Tryout – 1/7 (Friday) 7pm – 9pm Smack Winterfest 
Girls Tryout – 1/21 (Friday) 7pm – 9pm Smack Winterfest 
Boys and Girls Tryout – 2/26 (Thursday) 7pm – 9pm NIKE Boston Volleyball Festival 

What happens after tryouts?
After all tryouts are complete, players will be selected for the NERVA HP teams. They will than meet in June to receive their NERVA HP gear and practice with teammates.

The teams will then report to training camp on TBD  at TBD.  The teams will be housed at a local hotel and will train together until the teams leave for the USAV HP Championships on TBA.
This year the tournament is in Tulsa OK. 

What is the USAV HP Championships?
This tournament is different from any other junior’s tournament you have played, it is a 5 day tournament. All matches are 3 out of 5 and teams do not have any work team assignments. You will be playing all-star teams from across the country. Teams may also play international teams. You will also be play using international rules (FIVB).

What is the Cost?

All players selected will be charged a fee of $500.00. NERVA subsides the balance (roughly about $1,800.00)
This included camp, housing, airfare, tournament cost, NERVA HP gear.

Coaches and Staff (alphabetical):
Andy Calisewski, Staff
Mike Houlihan, HP Co-Director
Judy Katalina, Adult Commissioner, NERVA staff
Roxann Link, Juniors Commissioner, NERVA Staff
Dave Peixoto, Commissioner
Mark Thomas, HP Co-Director

Additional TBA