NERVA Juniors Girls Qualifier I

This page contains relevant referee information for the 2018 NERVA Open Qualifier, Feb. 1-3, 2019. We work very hard to include all important information here as it becomes available.

Here’s how you can do your part… If you are officiating at this tournament, read this carefully. If there is something you think is missing, read it again. Be certain you’ve looked at all the applicable links and downloads. If after you’ve done that, something is missing, by all means, drop a line. We’re FAR from perfect and we want to be sure everyone has a hotel room for the weekend and knows where to go and when to be there. But the first thing we do when we get a question is to wonder if we messed (usually at a time when time is of the essence).

Thanks very much….

Please direct questions to Steve Webster, (but please read below before writing)

Updated January 28, 2019

Free Parking at the MGM lot! For directions and parking information, go to

Play begins at 530p on Friday.

There will be a brief pre-tournament meeting at 445p. Please allow plenty of time to arrive, park, and get to the facility (rush hour, casino, and all that).

Pre-tournament notes are at

As usual, please read in advance and have a copy on you during the tournament.

Housing grid is at:

Updated January 24, 2019

Referees for this event have been accepted or waitlisted. Thank you for your interest. I would have loved to accept more people.

Look for schedule and housing information the week of the tournament.

Updated July 8, 2018
Dates: February 1-3, 2019
Springfield Mass Mutual Convention Center
1277 Main St.
Springfield, MA 01103

13 Courts
Junior Girls, levels TBD

Play begins the afternoon of Friday, February 1.
There will be a pre-tournament meeting prior to play on the first day of play.

Referee registration at Please be sure to complete information about travel plans and housing needs (we can’t help you unless you tell us your plans).

All referees need to be in good standing in your region, have the recommendation of your regional chair. Current SafeSport and USAV background check are both required.


All play will be best 2 of 3 matches
     Provisional: $27/match
     Regional: $31/match
     Jr National/National: $35/match


There is no travel reimbursement available for this event.

Housing: Provided, double occupancy. Tournament will house referees on Friday night and Saturday nights.

General tournament information (


To be paid, you must have a current W9 on file with the New England Region (if you have done so already, great). Address this in advance. An online version of the form can be found at

Complete and return to (do NOT send this to Steve):

Lorene Beach (she will also be at tournament)
206 Forest St
N. Andover, MA 01845