NERVA Referee Pay Scale

NERVA Referee Pay Scale
The following Pay scale is applicable for all USAV Provisional, Regional,
Jr National, National, or Retired referees at NERVA events.
Please note: “sets” are what used to be referred to as “games”
Referee Payscale Mileage Reimbursement
$190 Base pay 9 hours and 8 matches or 9 hours and 7 matches for the head referee. If single sets are played, then 2 single sets constitute a match when formulating base pay. $0 0-25 Miles Round Trip
$24 Extra Match Per extra match worked above the base. If single sets are played instead of matches, then $11 per extra set. $20 26-50 Miles Round Trip
$12.50 Overtime


Any part of 30 minutes over 9 hours, with an additional $12.50 paid per each additional 30-minute increment or a portion thereof.


51-75 Miles Round Trip
76-100 Miles Round Trip
101-150 Miles Round Trip
151+ Miles Round Trip
Accelerated Formats Base Pay    
$200 Base pay

$100 Base pay

Accelerated Format with 2 tournaments in one day.

Accelerated Format with 1 tournament in one day.

Supervisory referee    
Based on the number of courts

1 court
2 courts
3 courts
4 courts

No extra match fees, but normal OT rates and mileage apply