NERVA Region Hold Procedures

Membership Region Hold
The Junior community, in an effort to help protect Region Clubs, has determined that if a player has an outstanding balance due a club from a prior season, the player will not be eligible to compete in the current season (with any club) until the prior balance is cleared. A Region Hold will be placed on the members account to allow time for the Club to take action in court.

A Region Hold of a members account will take place when that member has a failure to complete financial arrangements with a NERVA sanctioned club or tournament. This hold will result in suspension of membership until a settlement is reached.  For Junior players, the hold will be removed when the player has reached the age of 19 or for 2 seasons.
In order to place a member on Region Hold a Club will need to
        1. Have a written contract/agreement with the player and a parent             
                    a. The club will provide the region with a copy of the contract
       2. Make an effort to collect the balance with the player in writing
       3. Be willing to negotiate on a settlement with the player/parents
       4. Report all “Region Hold” candidates to the Juniors Commissioner prior to September 1st each year

Club Directors:
A Region Hold of a club directors account will take place when that directors club has a failure to complete financial obligations with NERVA. A Region hold of a Club Director will not be removed until a settlement is reached.