NERVA SafeSport

NERVA SafeSport Program:
All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Chaperones, Officials and Tournament Directors are required to complete a USAV Background Screening and complete the USA Volleyball SafeSport training.

For Athletes: do you feel something is not right? It’s important for every athlete to understand what unacceptable behavior is and when to reach out to an adult to ask for help and guidance.
Click here for a pdf to help you understand: Athletes: It Doesn’t Feel Right

Athletes: Is It OK? You’ve heard your parents and coaches talk about abuse and misconduct, but what does that mean? Click here for a pdf that discusses situations to help you determine if something that happens to you or a teammate is ok, or if you should tell another adult.  Not Sure If Something’s Okay.pdf

 Grooming Behaviors: We can recognize sexual predators through an observable pattern of behaviors, known as grooming behaviors. Alone, many of these behaviors or similar behaviors may occur without these behaviors being part of a grooming process. While we want to closely examine any behaviors that may constitute grooming, it does not necessarily mean that the individual is a sexual predator. Nonetheless, here are a few things to look for. Click here for a pdf on Grooming Behaviors

If you have questions, want to disclose an incident or just need someone to talk with, SafeSport can help.
Call our NERVA SafeSport Coordinator:
Lindsay Marshall 508-808-3778 or email her at


Additional Resources:
The USA Volleyball SafeSport website has more information and some great videos for players to learn about safety.
Click here to go to the USA website 

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies

The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) outline training requirements and limit one-one-one interactions with minor athletes. The policies were updated and effective Sept. 1, 2021. Click Here to visit the  USAV  MAAPP page

Emotional & Physical Abuse & Misconduct Toolkit
For coaches, volunteers, and others who work directly with young athletes. s toolkit will help you recognize, prevent, and respond to emotional and physical abuse and misconduct in your sport activities and environments. Click here for the toolkit pdf

Mandatory Reporting, Bullying, And Hazing Resource
Click here for the guide pdf