NERVA Travel Policy for teams playing in Canada

NERVA Travel Policy for teams playing in Canada

Because Canada is a different Volleyball Federation than the United States, teams must be aware of the Canadian Federations’ latest policies dealing with foreign teams.

As of 2016 their policy was:

Foreign Team in Canada: A foreign team that wants to participate in a Canadian event sanctioned by Volleyball Canada must receive approval from their National Federation in order to participate. The event organizer must request that each foreign team provides them with an official letter from their National Federation that states that the team is registered and in good standing with them. Each Foreign Team participants must purchase health and travel insurance and comply with Volleyball Canada’s registration protocols.

NERVA has established the following procedures for NERVA teams wishing to play in Canada:

1.    The final Webpoint roster of teams traveling out of our federation are to be sent electronically to the Regional Commissioner

2.    The Regional Commissioner will verify all members and staff are NERVA members and coaches meet NERVA requirements

3.    NERVA will contact USAV with its approval of the roster

4.    USA Volleyball will issue a letter back to the Club Director and carbon copy the Region

5.  Clubs are responsible to give the Region and USAV enough lead time to get this accomplished.

Any questions may be directed to the NERVA Commissioner at