Non Citizen Background Screening

Non Citizen Background Screening Procedures:
SSCI will need to collect more information for non-US citizens who do not have a social security number. An example would be a college student who is in the United States to attend school. With the Visa/Green Card number, SSCI can still do a screening on the information provided.

If the non-US citizen has a social security number, both fields (SSN and Visa/Green Card) must be completed. If there is no social security number, this must be clearly indicated. That means that the applicant must write “no SSN” in the social security field. If the SSN field is left blank, the application will be considered incomplete. The Visa/Green Card field must be completed. If neither field is completed, the application will be considered incomplete and more information will be requested of the region.

Non-US citizens WITH a valid social security number may proceed by completing the application on-line.

Background screening applications for non-US citizens WITHOUT a valid social security number cannot be conducted on-line since the Visa/Green Card Number field is not an available field in the online system at this time.

The non-US citizen without a social security number will use the link below to the 2017 Background Consent  – Noncitizen Form which is to be printed, completed using the Visa/Green Card Number, signed, and sent or emailed to the Regional Commissioner. They must also provide a copy of a government issued ID (i.e. passport, visa etc.). The region will then forward that application and copy of the government issued ID to  the national office who will forward the form to SSCI for processing. Some countries require additional forms so check the Additional requirements document below.

2017 Background Consent – NonCitizen

Additional Requirements for International Screens – Check here to see if you need additional forms below

Additional Forms that may be required:
Portuguese Consent Form
Spanish Language Release Form
South American Release Form