Each year, USA Volleyball’s online registration system (SportsEngine) opens on September 1st. It is recommended that officials complete the online registration process by October 31, as well as any related fees and paperwork.

To maintain a USA Volleyball official certification in New England, the following must be fulfilled annually:

    1. ONLINE Registration
    2. USAV Background Screen
    3. SafeSport Training
    4. Complete designated online coursework
    5. Rules and Scoring Exams
    6. On-Court Observations

(1) ONLINE Registration

Online registration can be found at Register with USAV

(2) USAV Background Screen

A USAV background screen is required every year. Background screen costs are not included with the annual NERVA/USAV membership fee. Background screens from other organizations do not meet USAV requirements.

(3) SafeSport Training

The SafeSport course can be accessed through the USAV Academy website (https://user.sportngin.com/users/sign_in). 

After completing the core SafeSport Training modules, a SafeSport Refresher is required annually and must be completed prior to officiating any NERVA/USAV-sanctioned events. A SportsEngine account is needed to take the SafeSport refresher.

(4) Complete designated online coursework

Online coursework can be found at the USA Volleyball Academy

(5) Rules and Scoring Exams

Each season, all returning officials are required to take the designated USA Volleyball rules and scoring exams. The New England Region utilizes the USAV Academy to administer all exams and online training modules, which are accessible through USAV SportsEngine.  The NERVA Curriculum includes all required video modules, including rules and scoring exams.

National-level officials must complete the USAV National Official (or Scorer) Curriculum, and the associated rules and scoring exams. The NERVA Existing Official Curriculum does NOT contain the required national-level courses or exams.

The national-level exams fulfill NERVA requirements. It is not necessary to submit exam results or corrections to the NERVA Officials’ Coordinator.

(6) On-Court Observations

NERVA/USAV certified officials are required to be re-evaluated on a set schedule. In New England, the schedule for observation is as follows:

  • Apprentice – every year
  • Provisional – every year
  • Regional – every 3 years
  • Junior National – Evaluated at USA National event once per certification term by NRT
  • National – Evaluated at USA National event once per certification term NRT

Re-evaluation consists of:

  • Being observed as both R1 and R2 to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for your certification level
    • If minimum requirements are not met, you must be observed again, by a different observer
    • If you are a Regional Level Official, after a second unsuccessful observation, you must go through the upgrade process to retain your Regional certification.
  • Where Can You be Observed?
    • Any NERVA/USAV sanctioned event