Parents & Athletes Registration

Welcome to the Parents & Athletes Registration Information page for NERVA! 

This page has all pertinent information regarding registration for the 2020-2021 season on SportsEngine. Please read through EACH and EVERY section to understand USAV’s new system and to make sure your athletes are good to go for 2020-2021!


Parents & Athletes — The process of purchasing memberships will look a little different!

In order to begin the purchase process, a parent will need to create a free SportsEngine “family” account.

On SportsEngine, the primary account holder is the parent and each child will have their own profile within that account. If a family has multiple players, they can all have their membership information in the same master account, using one set of login credentials. This is different from past seasons. Please make sure you have a primary email listed on the family account and have an email listed for each child on their profile.

Once your account is created, you will be asked a series of questions to determine what type of membership is right for you.

When you get to the checkout page, you will see two “transactions” that equal the total membership price. One transaction represents the fees going to NERVA, and the other represents the fees going to USAV. This is different from past seasons. You’ll still be charged the same amount – you’re just going to see an itemized breakdown. You may also see two separate charges (totaling the amount of your membership) on a credit card statement. 

After a membership is purchased, you will receive an email outlining the additional steps necessary to become eligible to participate. This can include background screenings, SafeSport certification, etc. Your account will also show these steps.

To better understand this process, please click HERE to watch a 3-minute video that walks parents through the membership process!

Click on the button below to get your NERVA & USAV Membership:

Membership Cards:

Membership cards in the new system will be digital! You will have the ability to pull up a QR code on your phone, and that code can be scanned to show all of the relevant information about a member.

Important Club Selection Information:

When a membership is purchased, you will not have the option of associating yourself with a club. The club must send you an invitation FIRST and you must accept it before you can be associated with a club on SportsEngine.


  1. You can accept multiple CLUB DIRECTORY invitations from different clubs as those invitations simply allow clubs to send you messages in SportsEngine!
  2. Once you accept a CLUB ASSOCIATION invitation, you are locked with that club for the remainder of the season. Make sure that you only accept an invitation from the club you want to play for!

We have put together a helpful guide for parents to distinguish between invites and assignments and why each is important. Please click HERE to view the PDF guide!

This process must happen before a player or coach can be placed on a roster. An individual must have a membership before accepting this invitation. If a club sends an invitation to someone without a current membership, the individual will be directed to purchase a membership before the association will be completed.

This is different from past seasons. Previously, you could pick a club during an initial membership purchase. There will be policies in place that prevent clubs from sending invitations to players before tryout dates!

Background Screens:

Background screenings will be a separate purchase, done after your membership purchase is complete. This is different from past seasons. You will automatically receive a link via email to purchase a BGS if you need it. USAV has changed its background screening policy and has increased the cost to members – $30 for two years, which includes a supplemental screening prior to the second season. This cost is not paid to NERVA, and NERVA does not collect any money from background screen charges!

Data Migration:

Much of your old data from Webpoint will be migrated over to the new SportsEngine MMS. When purchasing a membership, the system will look to match your name, DOB, and zip code with a membership record from Webpoint and if a match is found, data migration will happen automatically!

NERVA will also back-up data from Webpoint (such as roster information, team selections, etc) and keep it on file in a secure location. 

Eligibility Requirements:

All individuals will have an eligibility status. An individual who has met all requirements will appear as eligible. Once a membership is purchased, that individual will receive an eligibility email outlining all requirements they still need to meet and will clearly see in their account that there are remaining requirements to be met.

SafeSport Training:

If you require SafeSport training, the system will send you a link via email to complete the training. USAV is working on technology that allows the system to know which training is appropriate for you (Core vs. Refresher) and that will automatically load it for you!

A major benefit of this new system will be a greater ability for both clubs and NERVA staff to ensure everybody meets eligibility requirements prior to being put on a roster. This process will be smoother for all involved.

IMPORTANT: Junior athletes who are 18, or who will turn 18 during the season, will be able to select a membership that enrolls them automatically in the SafeSport requirement category.

USAV Academy (LMS):

We are still learning more about how the USAV Academy Learning Management System (LMS) will be integrated with the new platform. NERVA is also working on implementing new policies and requirements to make this experience less cumbersome for our members!

We do know that USAV is trying to develop new learning modules that are more age-appropriate (i.e. 14-and-under would view slightly simpler content compared to 15-and-older athletes). This is still a work in progress and USAV is hoping to have this completed by the Fall.

In Webpoint, in order to register for coursework, you would need to go into your Webpoint account and “register” for an “event” that would load your coursework into the Academy. In the new system, you will not need to find these separate “events.” The registration process will be much more streamlined!

Helpful Guides:

Please use the following PDFs to help you navigate SportsEngine and show you how to purchase memberships!

To find helpful videos and more specifically for Parents and Athletes, follow this link below: