Registration Help Center

Welcome to the Membership & Registration Help Center! 

You can find solutions to a number of issues that you may be facing on SportsEngine regarding your membership or account/profile, club assignment requests, club directory, and other system problems.

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Parents & Athletes:

USAV and SportsEngine have put together a Parent Resource Packet that helps troubleshoot common issues on the following topics:

  • Accepting Club Assignments (ex: not receiving the assignment email)
  • Purchasing Memberships (ex: error messages not allowing you to purchase)
  • USAV Academy
  • Membership Cards (ex: how to find your membership card)

To view the Parent Resource Packet, please CLICK HERE!

Club Directors & Club Admins:

USAV and SportsEngine have put together a Club FAQ with club resources that troubleshoot common issues on the following topics:

  • Sending & Accepting Club Assignments (ex: player not receiving assignment, issues with accepting)
  • Membership Purchases (ex: error messages not allowing purchases)
  • Coach Eligibility (ex: missing certifications, background screenings)
  • Accounts & Profiles (ex: duplicate accounts, incorrect athlete information)

To view the Club FAQ, please CLICK HERE!

Other Helpful Guides:

Please use the following PDFs to help you further navigate SportsEngine!

To find helpful videos and more specifically for Parents and Athletes, follow this link below:

For helpful videos and guides specifically for Club Directors and Administrators, follow this link below:

If you need any additional assistance, please email us at!