2018 Rhode Island Rumble Referee Updates

This page contains relevant referee information for 2018 Rhode Island Rumble.

Please direct questions to Steve Webster, steve@srwebster.com (but please read below before writing)

Updated April 12, 2018

It turns out I had some erroneous information. Some matches start at 8a on Saturday at RICC. So, pre-event meeting at RICC will revert back to 710a.

All matches at RI College do start at 830, so RIC referees should plan on checking in with Jeff by 750a.

Updated April 11, 2018

This just in — Play will not start until 830 on Saturday. So, pre-event meeting at RICC will slide to 745a. RIC referees should plan on checking in with Jeff by 750a.

RICC parking — Officials should present tournament wristband to receive the Event Rate when parking (even when parking before 7a).

Housing grid — https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ekilw35slljxdl/2018%20RI%20Rumble%20Referee%20Housing.pdf?dl=0

Updated April 10, 2018

Referee schedule will be available via Sportwrench. Maria will notify you when the Saturday schedule is posted.

Pre-tournmament meeting on Saturday for those refereeing at Convention center will be at 710a.

There will be no pre-tournament meeting at RIC, but please check in with Jeff Zinchuk by 720. Jeff will be refereeing in the Recreation Center.

3 courts (staffed by 4 or 5 referees) will be in Recreation Center
2 courts (staffed by 3 referees) will be in Murray Center

On Sunday, anyone not refereeing Saturday should plan on checking in with Steve or Jeff (depending on the site) by 720.

Updated April 9, 2018

Pre-tournament referee information is at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zw5eg1n8stpjr0f/2018%20RI%20Rumble%20Referee%20Info.pdf?dl=0. Please read and have with you at tournament.

Housing grid available as soon as we can.

Updated March 29, 2018

We hope that we are done with referee acceptances for this event.

This event will be played at two locations: Providence Convention Center (18 courts) and Rhode Island College (5 courts).

Rhode Island Convention Center
1 Sabin St.
Providence, RI 02903


Rhode Island College
600 Mt Pleasant Ave
Providence, RI 02908
Campus map at: http://www.ric.edu/campusmap/Pages/default.aspx
3 courts (staffed by 4 or 5 referees) will be in Recreation Center
2 courts (staffed by 3 referees) will be in Murray Center
Driving directions to the Murray Center: http://www.ric.edu/campusmap/Pages/default.aspx


Housing will be provided near the Convention Center.

Watch this space for further information about the tournament.

Updated October 24, 2017

Dates: April 14-15, 2018
Rhode Island Convention Center
18 Courts (will need ~29 referees)
Girls juniors

Play begins April 14 @ 8a
There will be a pre-tournament meeting on Saturday morning prior to play.

Referee registration at SportWrench.com. Please be sure to complete information about travel plans and housing needs (we can’t help you unless you tell us your plans).

We have not started accepting referees. You will need to be in good standing in your region, have the recommendation of your regional chair. Current SafeSport and USAV background check are both required.


All matches will be 2 out of 3:
     Provisional: $27/match
     Regional: $31/match
     Jr National/National: $35/match

There is no travel reimbursement available for this event.

Housing: Provided, double occupancy. Tournament will house referees on Friday and Saturday nights.



Parking at the event is NOT covered.

General tournament information (http://jvctournaments.com/RhodeIslandRumble).


To be paid, you must have a current W9 on file with the New England Region (if you have done so already, great). Address this in advance. An online version of the form can be found at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf.

Complete and return to (do NOT send this to Steve):

Lorene Beach (she will also be at tournament)
206 Forest St
N. Andover, MA 01845